Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Gravel Springing Through

Here comes the spring!
The speed at which gravel riding has and continues to be gaining in popularity is encouraging to us early adopters. The major manufacturers and custom builders are bringing forth many versions of gravel/all road/adventure/etc... machines in order to provide for this ever widening niche. I have seen TV commercials depicting gravel riders in the background while marketing some product (got involved in looking at the bike trying to figure out what they were riding and missed what it was trying to sell me).
R&D is causing production to retool in order to produce gravel specific tires and other components that will better suit the demands of these new (old) roads.
So now we're kind of a big deal.
So now should we worry?
I have a concern about these things becoming too big and at some point needing a governing body. Many of our events have started out like garage bands driven by the energy and pure enthusiasm of their creator. That spirit moved more people to participate and in turn multiplied to what we are seeing today, hundreds of riders arriving at start lines located on the edge of some Starbuck-less town racing through a countryside inhabited by farm dogs and pick up trucks. And we love it!
We must resist corporatization but we should also not be exclusive. Almanzo is still going after the retirement of it's creator. The committee run edition of it last year was highly successful and enthusiastically supported even though it may have lost a little bit of that self-supported individualist flavor. The bottom line to me is more people came out to participate and join our community.
We can be kind of a big deal without taking ourselves too seriously. All it takes is to continue to be there for our fellow gravelers when a hand, innertube, gelpack or encouragement is needed. It's not all about first, it's about finishing and sometimes it takes a village.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Riding Doesn't Quit

There are a lot of you folks still riding in this temperate weather. Fat bikes seem to be bounding over the river and through the woods everywhere. 2016 is already shaping up to be more and faster than this year.

New events are popping up on the RidingGravel Calendar and the Dirt Bag will roll again Oct. 16. I'm making a list of challenges and checking it more than twice.

It's great to see everybody having fun out there. May the holidays bring you joy in your soul and a little something for your pursuit of adventure.

Keep the faith crankin'

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Results from Dirt Bag 2015

Thanks to all who came out and participated in the Dirt Bag last Sunday. The temp started out a little cool and quickly picked up and so did the wind making it something to talk about.
It was fun to meet many of you while hanging out and sharing a meal.
Gravel grinders are good people and it's becoming almost like a family reunion out there. We see each other just enough...
Here are the results and if you are not listed (Shaun Flynn) please let me know so I can make the correction:
85 Mile Results
1. Ben Doom 4:13
2. Jon Peter 4:16
3. Ian Hoogendam 4:25
4. Kyia Anderson 4:25 1st Woman
5. Jim Bell 4:25
6. Cory Hedin 4:53
7. Brett Sloma 5:02
8. Michael Latsch 5:14
9. Jeff Buschendorf 5:15
10. Dave Markman 5:32
11. Kurt Stunek 5:37
12. Leah Gruhn 5:40 2nd Woman
13. Gary Lindbergh 5:45
14. Jay Dellis 5:45
15. Pamela Gonzales 5:45 3rd Woman
16. Greg Knoll 6:06
17. Tony Bell 6:11
18. Ryan Terpening 6:12
19. Bonnie Gagnon-Moebeck 6:12
20. Erik Rike-Coleman 6:24
21. Jere Mohr 6:24
22. Rudy Schoolderman 7:10
23. Tavis Westbrook 7:12
24. Jodi Gruhn 7:16
25. Steve Enger 8:02
26. Jason Johnson 8:02
27. Noah Middlestaedt DNF
63 Mile Results
1. Charles Wolf 3:22
2. Emily Flynn 3:22 1st Woman
3. Patrick Kinney 3:23
4. Frank Thueringer 3:28
5. Jim Ringuette 3:28
6. Rich Zvosec 3:43
7. Tim Boyd 4:38
8. David Horstman 4:38
9. Cody Condon 4:38
10. Sarah Hurst 5:41
11. Frank Huben 5:46
35 Mile Results
1. Eric Nelson 2:17
2. Mark & Gina Halstrom 2:18 Tandem
3. Shaun Flynn 2:19
4. Rob Madgwick 2:23
5. Joel Dahlin 2:23
6. Aaron Blumke 2:23
7. Josh Fiedler 2:23
8. Tess Hohman 2:30
9. Andrew Gruhn 2:30
10. Marilyn Crandell 4:03
11. Corbin Elmer DNF Mechanical

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dirt Bag Sunday

The plan and the weather is coming together nicely for Sundays Dirt Bag.

Check in opens at 8 AM. Early arrives can park at Sportsman Hill which is the Start/Finish area.
Additional parking can be had at Riverside Park or, if needed, back at the Coborns store off of CR 24.

Rollout will be at 9 AM.

Cue sheets will be provided and the course gpx file can be downloaded from MapMyRide here:
Dirt Bag 85 Mile     Dirt Bag 62 Mile    Dirt Bag 35 Mile
or Strava here: Strava DB 85 Mile    Strava DB 63 Mile    Strava DB 35 Mile

Instructions will be given prior to start but most of you have heard it all before.

The course should be still relatively hard packed and fast. No leg busting climbs except that one to Corkys Bar.
There's a gas station around 17 miles, a rest stop around 33 miles, Lanttos at 52 miles (roller dogs, pizza, etc...) and Corky's at 62 miles (Fulton on tap I think).

You will be fed at the finish. No one goes home hungry.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Heck With It!

Heading up to the Heck of the North this weekend. Just hoping to finish and enjoy myself while doing it.

The registration is still open for the Dirt Bag and the cards are coming in. The cards are fun but there will be day of registration as well. I don't want to turn anyone away who can't work the snail mail technology.

The 63 Mile course was ridden last Sunday and it is fast. Most of it is hardpacked with a sheen on top. Some sections do have a few loose stones and there is little wash-boarding and potholes. But remember... Gravel roads are dynamic and can change overnight as witnessed by the GravelFest participants. So past reports do not necessarily predict future conditions.

We have procured some Holy Spirit Bouja again and my wife will be making some additional bowls of hot goodness for the post ride nutrition.

Off to get my Fargo ready...


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dirt Bag Jersey Store Closing Sunday

Just a reminder to friends and fans of DirtBag that the Podium Wear storefront will be closing at Midnight on Sunday 9/20.

We have a long sleeve jersey that is merino wool on the inside and polyester on the outside. I've seen a sample of this material and it is a lightweight and stretchy fabric which will move well and provide good warmth for an active ride. Full zipper for temp regulation. The short sleeve is the standard silver line and also moves well.

Here's the link: DirtBag Jerseys and Caps   and the password is "gravel"