Friday, October 31, 2014

Dirt Bag Results

Lacking some real epic conditions, unless you count a little wind, the Dirt Bag was run on a fast and scenic course.

We had 56 riders on the mass start. 3 did the 35 Mile, 20 on the 62 Mile and 33 62 Milers. My finish line recording was analog and lacked technology so if there are corrections (anticipating a couple like Jared Gazda) please let me know and I'll bring it to the competition committee. 

Many thanks for the swag offered up by Kyia at Podium Wear, Matt at Donkey Label, Ben and Mike at Revolution Cycle & Ski, and the Nots snacks.

Also these events don't happen without the support and assistance of great folks who give their time and talents so a place in Dirt Bag heaven is reserved for Ruth, Chris, Sekura, Josie, Bethany, Jeff and Greg. My wife ladled out a lot of good stuff at the finish that was made with love. You got a taste of it, I've had it most of my life. She's awesome!

Thanks for enjoying our little corner of gravel and hope to see you on the road.

35 Mile

3:08    Bruce Weinke
3:08    Roger Landers
4:32    Marilyn Crandall

62 Mile

3:40    Emily Flynn                        1st Woman
3:40    Charlie & Connor Schad     Tandem
3:49    Jay Dellis                             1st Man
4:05    Doug Krone
4:05    Andy Williams
4:06    Dan Cruser
4:06    Brent Vacinek
4:10    Joe Bischoff
4:10    Ed Matthiesen
4:10    Patrick Kinney
4:29    Philip Carlton
4:29    Kristin Johnson
4:31    Jennifer Cary
4:31    Neil Cary
4:40    Timothy Jung
4:50    Bryan Rolph
5:11    Matt Sundquist
5:13    Brian Boehmer
5:13    John Rammel
5:31    Daniel Davis

85 Mile

4:34    Jim Bell                                1st Man
4:34    Matthew Dowling
4:36    Joshua Schneider
4:46    Matt Nikodym
4:46    Sam StPierre
5:02    Noah Middlestaedt
5:06    Brent Lien
5:08    Quinn Williams
5:10    Brett Sloma
5:22    Kelly Hines
5:26    Steve Yore
5:29    Jeff Buschendorf
5:35    Kurt Stunek
5:45    Connie Wansberg                 1st Woman
5:45    Brad Berlin
5:55    Tim Boyd
5:55    Cody Condon
5:55    Phil Nicolas 
5:57    Greg Knoll
5:57    Gary Lindberg  
5:57    Jill Koski
5:58    Michael Latsch
6:04    Erik Nelson
6:04    Joe Bruentrup
6:38    Jere Mohr
6:38    Erik Iker-Coleman
6:38    John Loye
7:24    Bryan Amo
8:48    Danny Deetz                         Corky's Tour
8:48    Jon Riggs                              Corky's Tour
8:48    Jay Plummer                         Corky's Tour
DNF   Joel Dahlin
????    Jared Gazda

Sunday, October 26, 2014

No DNF's

What a great day to gravel! 57 started and no DNF's. Congrats to a generous group of riders. Big thanks to the early rising volunteers who worked to help make the day. 
Results are being worked and hope to be up in the next couple days.

 A few items got left behind...

Friday, October 24, 2014

Drove the first 20 miles of the course this morning.
Hard packed and fast. Some washboards and loose gravel in corners and hill bottoms.
The pavilion at Sportsmans park is ours and bathrooms are open. Running water and electricity which means hot food and tunes. Bring a towel if you want to wash off the dirt.
See you gravelers in the morning!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dirt Bag 2014 Information

8 am    Registration and Check-in at Sportsman Park just outside of Clearwater south of CR 75 on CR             143/27th Ave.
            Limited parking will be available in the park. We will leave parking spots open for other park             goers. Additional parking at Riverside Park a short distance away on the bike path as well and
            Coborn's and the post office should have spaces if needed.      

9 am    START for all rides.

Dirt Bag 85 Mile will take you across Hwy 55 to the south routing back N to French Lake, South Haven and Fairhaven.

Dirt Bag 62 Mile follows the same route as the 85 mile but turns N before Hwy 55. This will bypass Fairhaven and Corky's unless you decide on a course deviation around mile 47 and continue on CR 44 W apprx. 4 miles to Fairhaven. Portions of this are newly mapped and untested so anyone who takes this route please give me you impression.

Dirt Bag 35 will double back on itself at apprx. mile 24 but still traverse some great gravel sections along horse farm and fields. Chances to be first in for the hot soups and beer are pretty good.

On the course there will be a store at mile 13, our rest stop at 32, Lantto's store at 52 and Corky's at 63. I put in a call to them to ensure that the Sweet Child of Vine is available.

Cue sheets will be available for all rides. You are self supported. No sag wagons on the course. Help each other where needed. Road conditions are good.

Have fun!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dirt Bag 2014 rider List is posted below. If your name is not on it, no worries. You can walk up at registration Saturday morning and sign in for any ride. 
Altrichter, Carrie
Amo, Bryan
Berlin, Brad
Bischoff, Joe

Boehmer, Brian

Boyd, Tim

Bruentrup, Joe
Buth, Jordan
Carlton, Philip
Crandell, Marilyn
Condon, Cody
Cruser, Dan
Dahlin, Joel
Deetz, Danny
Dowling, Matthew
Fetzer, Matt
Flynn, Emily
Knoll, Greg
Krone, Doug
Hines, Kelly
Hurst, Sarah
Johnson, Joe
Jung, Timothy
Kinney, Patrick
Kvittem, Brent
Lien, Brent
Lindberg, Gary
Matthiesen, Ed
Middlestaedt, Noah
Mohr, Jere
Mueller, Big Bob
Oney, Ben
Nelson, Eric
Peterson, David
Pettes, Jeff
Plummer, Jay
Rammel, John
Riggs, Jon
St Pierre, Sam
Schad, Charlie & son
Schneider, Joshua
Sill, Kai
Sloma, Brett
Stunek, Kurt
Sundquist, Matt
Tocko, Michael
Vacinek, Brent
Wanberg, Connie

VanVleet, Steve

Wilson, Kurtis

Williams, Andy
Williams, Quinn
Yore, Steve

Monday, October 20, 2014

Dirt Bag 35 Mile course

This is the shortest gravel course for this Saturdays 5th running of the Dirt Bag.
Cue sheets will be up the next day or two.

Weather couldn't be better for this ride in the country.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Link to Dirt Bag 62 Mile Short Route

Here's the short route for the DB for those who want to gravel a bit less. It bypasses both Havens and Corky's, but will still give you a fine taste of county's Wright and Stearns backroads.

Long range forecast shows some very un-DB like weather.

Shorts today!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Link for MapMyRide Dirt Bag 2014

More cards...

The nips are in the morning air these days. That means a few things are coming...Holy Spirit Bouja day, ski season (let's not rush things) and the Dirt Bag.

MN Gravel Championship is this coming weekend and the long range weather forecast looks ideal if you're into sunny sky and moderate temps for a gravel race.

Still 2 weeks for epic conditions to arrive.

Enjoy this fall.

Monday, October 6, 2014

What the Heck?

Ugh! Sucked at the Heck. On a brighter ride...
33 humans signed up for the DB so far. The average age demographics are:
Males - 43 years and 6 months; Females - 46 years.
Noah has skewed the average for the boys.
Keep those cards coming!