Sunday, October 20, 2013

2014 Results...Dirt Bag IV.

Year number 4 is in the books!  Thanks to those that braved the cooler temps and toed the line once again.  Always a humbling experience.  Brian and I both are bit saddened this is our last year, for a bit...not forever, of running the Dirt Bag.  It's not going away but to new, excited hands.  It will live on and only get better....stay tuned.

It appears, to be cliche, that is was an epic year of gravel in Minnesota.
  • Almanzo was ushered in with two days of solid rain to only give way to sunny skies the day of the race.  However the ankle deep creek crossing turned into a raging mountain river, sending riders and their bikes down stream!
  • The Dirty Benjamin started out THICK.  The humidity was not wanting to go anywhere.  The majority of the race was fine but many of the riders got caught in a torrential downpour.
  • The Inspiration 100 riders battled soft, dusty roads with increasingly high temps.  Forcing many into the hurt locker...myself very much included.
  • The Heck of the North is epic by itself but toss in cooler temps and all day rains and you have a true rider and bike beat down.
  • The Dirt Bag has been hosted on 3 sunny, average temp days.  This year the riders were escorted around Wright County by rain, sleet, and snow.  The sleet at times felt like sand paper on the face.
Yep, and epic year.

Below are the results.  Hoping they are correct.

1.) Josh Roeser 4:27
2.) Jim Bell 4:27
3.) Monika Sattler 4:27 (1st women)
4.) Sean Mailen 4:27:30...disc brake failure!
5.) Jon Kern 4:32
6.) Brent Kvittem 4:32
7.) Corey Shouse Torino 4:34
8.) Tim Oolman 4:35
9.) Sam St. Pierre 4:38
10.) Steven Yore 4:46
11.) Jay Dodig 4:50
12.) Jeff Bushendorf 4:51
13.) Darryl Shoemaker 4:59
14.) David Strachan 4:59
15.) Steve Cragle 5:02
16.) Justin Pitts 5:12
17.) Brett Sloma 5:16
18.) Peter Gustafson 5:18
19.) John Egbers 5:20
20.) Galen Murray 5:28
21.) Craig Gustafson 5:29
22.) Jared Gazda 5:31
23.) Mark Nestande 5:32
24.) Matt Reeve 5:37
25.) Bob Mueller 5:38
26.) Quinn Williams 5:38
27.) Greg Knoll 5:40
28.) Monte Dirks 5:42
29.) Justin Schuetz 5:47
30.) Gary Lindberg 5:47
31.) John Carline 5:57
32.) David Knox 6:10
33.) Steve Schoo 6:10
34.) Aaron Blumke 6:17
35.) Mike Rathlisberger 6:20
36.) Steve Van Vleet 6:20
37.) Willie Humke 6:22
38.) Kristine Larsen 6:22
39.) Ben McCoy 6:22
40.) Jessica Baltzley 6:22
41.) Adam Turman 6:22
42.) Chris Kvaal 6:28
43.) Bronwyn Cole 6:28
44.) Aaron Olson 6:40
45.) Ed Matthiesen 6:47
46.) Jere Mohr 6:51
47.) Leah Gruhn 6:51
48.) Craig Rittler 6:58
49.) Joel Dahlin 6:58
50.) Ryan Newman 6:58
51.) Kris Ensrud 7:05
52.) Jim Smith 7:09
53.) Carol Markham-Cousins 7:12
54.) Bryon Amo 7:37
55.) Sheila Amo 7:37
56.) Geoff Archibald 7:38
57.) Eric Younger 7:38
58.) Adam Curtis 8:00
59.) Barbra Curtis 8:00
60-86.) DNF

Thanks everyone...

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Two More Days!

The running of the Dirt Bag IV is just around the corner.  My excitement is mounting!
Reminder that early packet pick up is today, Thursday, at Revolution Cycle and Ski from noon-8.  Packet pick up race day will start at 8 with the race starting around 9ish.  Nothing is set in stone!

The location of the start is in a previous post.  Please note that there is not a shelter so whatever mother nature throws at us we will be exposed to.  There are a set of restrooms but with the cooler temps they may have them shut down so plan accordingly.

Again, we will have coffee and sweets in the morning and again at the end, if left overs are available.  The checkpoint is no longer mandatory, but will be there around mile 34 or so.  It's early but one of the few spots available.  Water and cookies will be there.

We will also have previous year shirts, etc on sale.

Thanks and see you Saturday.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Race Start.

Race/Ride start is 9 am at Sportman's Ballpark in Clearwater, MN.

From I-94 take exit 178 for MN-24 - Annandale/Clearwater.
Go north 0.3 miles into town on MN-24 take the 3rd left onto Co Rd 75 NW. Go 1.1 miles Turn left at Co Rd 143/27th Ave E park will be on left.

From US-10 take MN-24 /Center St south towards Clearwater
Go 3.5 miles on take a right onto Co Rd 75 NWGo 1.1 miles Turn left at Co Rd 143/27th Ave E park will be on left.

We drove the course today and checked the cue cards.  88 miles this year.  I'm pretty excited on the route Brian put down.  Pretty cool.

drops or questions:


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tic, Tic, Tic...

Well we're getting down to go time here at Dirt Bag head quarters.  The course is almost complete, waivers and insurance acquired, number plates are in, and the nitty gritty is getting handled!
A few things for you to know:

  • The race start will NOT be at the same location as the last two years but will be back to our roots and the first year at the Sportsman's Park in Clearwater.  Directions, etc will be posted the week prior.
  • I'll only say it once but you are on your own.  You are responsible for yourself and your fellow riders.  Please look out for each other. 
  • The course is open so basic "rules of the road" apply.
  • There are a set of restrooms on site but please plan ahead.  The town of Clearwater has three nice gas stations within a mile or so of the start.  There is also a grocery store.
  • PARKING will be an issue.  If you can car pool, awesome.  If you can park in the grocery store parking lot or wayside rest and bike to the start, that will help.  There is parking on site but limited.
  • We will have water, coffee, and snacks at the start.
  • We will have water and cookies at the MANDATORY CHECKPOINT.  This is so we can keep track of you all and not lose anyone!
  • We will have water, coffee (if left over), and snacks at the finish.  Sorry but not chili this year.
  • While we ran out of time and money for a new shirt design we will have shirts and sweatshirts from the previous years at CRAZY prices!
  • No worries about printing off waivers and cue cards, we will have that on hand.  We're computer slow and old school.
  • Also no worries if you can't make it.  You won't be banned for next year.  Just let us know at:
  • Questions and concerns should be directed to the same email.
  • Start of the race is 9:00 am on October 19th, Saturday.  Plan on 80-90 miles.
As more info comes we will toss it at you.

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


The post below contains the roster for the 4th running of the Dirt Bag!  If your name isn't there and should be please email me:
If you are unable to attend, no biggie, just let me know at the same email.
More info soon in regards to route, etc.

Thanks again for your excitement in our event.  It's what moves us.

ROSTER 2013.


Alger, Ron
Altendahl, Joseph
Amo, Bryon
Amo, Sheila
Anacker, Ron
Anderson, Kris
Anderson, Kyia
Archibald, Geoff
Aspling, Eric
Baltzley, Jessica
Barten, Barb
Bauerly, Jeff
Bauer, Tim
Bell, Jim
Blumke, Aaron
Burt, Dan
Burt, Sarah
Bushendorf, Jeff
Carline, John
Carragee, Christine
Cole, Bronwyn
Cragle, Steve
Crandell, Marilyn
Crandell, Ron
Cron, John
Curtis, Adam
Curtis, Barbra
Cutter, Earl
Dahlin, Joel
Dirks, Monte
Dodig, Jay
Egbers, John
Ensrud, Kris
Falloon, Tom
Fiedler, Josh
Fields, Greg
Francois, Sam
Garbis, Nicholas
Gazda, Jared
Gold, Dan
Gruhn, Leah
Gustafson, Craig
Gustafson, Gus
Gustafson, Peter
Hackensack, Nate
Hagen, Aaron
Hagstrom, Judson
Hamre, Perry
Hecht, Tyler
Hoglund, David
Humke, Willie
Hunt, Krista
Jara-Almonte, Geoff
Johnson, Shirley
Katkov, Alex
Kennedy Lageson, Andy
Keop, Jed
Kern, Jon
Knoll, Greg
Knox, David
Kokkila, Daven
Kruck, Josh
Kvaal, Chris
Kvittem, Brent
Larsen, Kristine
Larson, Todd
Lindberg, Gary
Loye, Jon
Lyons, Kevin
Mandel, Jeff
Markham-Cousins, Carol
Matthiesen, Ed
McCoy, Ben
McManus, Bob
Miller, Tom
Million, Porter
Mohr, Jere
Mondloch, Mark
Mueller, Bob
Murray, Galen
Nestande, Mark
Newman, Ryan
Olson, Aaron
Oolman, Tim
Peeters, Andrew
Pieper, Steve
Pitts, Justin
Rathbun, Mark
Rathlisberger, Mike
Reeve, Matt
Ries, Doug
Rinehart, Jenna
Rinehart, Justin
Rittler, Craig
Rockwood, Paul
Roeser, Josh
Sanborn, Allen
Sattler, Monika
Schad, Charlie
Schoo, Steve
Schroeder, Sue
Schuetz, Justin
Sears, David
Shoemaker, Darryl
Shouse Torino, Corey
Sill, Kai
Skogen, Chris
Sloma, Brett
Smith, Jim
St. Pierre, Sam
Strachan, David
T, Tommy
Toftoy, Drew
Toftoy, Jon
Turman, Adam
Van Vleet, Matt
Van Vleet, Steve
Vigil, Bobby
Wickham, John
Williams, Quinn
Wilson, Kurtis
Yore, Steven
Youngner, Eric


Sunday, September 22, 2013

We're Still Here.

Never thought August and September would have me so busy!  Sorry for the lack of updates and communication. 
This past couple of weeks have been consumed with work and getting ready for the Single Track Escape Mountain Bike Race in St. Cloud.  Today is the race and once done my focus will be on the Dirt Bag...finally.
Expect more info this week on this here blog.


Sunday, August 18, 2013!

Folks we've reached our max a bit ago but figure no shows is a given.  I'm closing registration today at midnight.
Let your friends know if they've been on the fence.


Hope to get more info out to you next month.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Small Post.

Thanks to all those that have sent an email to
You should have received a confirmation email.  All are in thus far.
About 20 spots remain.

It's slowly coming together.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dirt Bag IV, October 19th.

Alright...if you haven't heard via FaceBook, Twitter, my other blog you will now.  The Dirt Bag will be held October 19th in Clearwater, MN.  It took us awhile to pin down a date as both of us are busy this October and there are a lot of other races!  Time and such will be revealed later, but expect pretty much the same as years past.

To register send an email to:
With: Name, Age, Bike, and favorite race (just curious)

We will notify you (maybe not right away) if you are in.  We are accepting the first 100 or so.  No favors once filled this time.  Get on it!

Please, please only sign up if you really feel you can make it.  Please, please notify us if you decide you later cannot make it.

Thanks and see you this October!