Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dirt Bag IV, October 19th.

Alright...if you haven't heard via FaceBook, Twitter, my other blog you will now.  The Dirt Bag will be held October 19th in Clearwater, MN.  It took us awhile to pin down a date as both of us are busy this October and there are a lot of other races!  Time and such will be revealed later, but expect pretty much the same as years past.

To register send an email to:
With: Name, Age, Bike, and favorite race (just curious)

We will notify you (maybe not right away) if you are in.  We are accepting the first 100 or so.  No favors once filled this time.  Get on it!

Please, please only sign up if you really feel you can make it.  Please, please notify us if you decide you later cannot make it.

Thanks and see you this October!


  1. FYI

  2. Whoa, wish there was a little more heads up, been checking back here regularly, so that I didn't miss this. Email sent. Guess I should pay attention to Facebook more.

  3. thus far anyone that has sent in an email is in. Replies, etc forth coming.