Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Last Minute 411

Post below this one has the MapMyRide link and directions to the race start.
Not much more to discuss just some final info before Saturday:

  • Race start is 9:00 am on Saturday the 29th. Registration opens at 8:00 am.

  • Race is about 86 miles long, 2500 feet of climbing, some pavement, more gravel.

  • No drop bags but the 42 (or so) mile checkpoint will have water, energy drink, and cookies. It is also next to a gas station. This will be your only opportunity for water, etc.

  • Coffee and such available in the morning. Chili and such available after the race.

  • The race start is at the Lions Shelter in Clearwater. It is an enclosed shelter, has a play ground, located a block from a grocery store, and bathrooms are on site.

  • We do have door prizes available from our great sponsors (located on right side bar). Prizes will be given away in typical gravel fashion....laid on a table for the taking.

  • We do have t-shirts ($15), long sleeve t-shirts ($20), and hooded sweatshirts ($35) for sale. We have more t-shirt than anything.

That should do it. Thanks again for all the interest in this race. Pretty damn excited for Saturday. As always let us know if you have questions:


Yo! Here is the course via Map my Ride.

The Ride will be starting from Lions park in Clearwater.

Direction from I-94. Take exit 178 for MN-24 Head North East into town. Take a right onto County Road 75 Lions shelter is under water tower on Left.

Directions from HWY 10 Take MN-24 head South West towards Clearwater. Take Left onto County Road 75 Lions shelter is under water tower on Left.

We would prefer that once the Lions lot is full that Folks would park in the old Coborns parking lot. Which will be the first right after you turn onto Co Rd 75.

Monday, October 24, 2011

GPS of Dirt Bag II

Sorry I didn't put the link up on this site but go here ( and you will find a link to my GPS mapping of the Dirt Bag II course for this year. We will also get MapMyRide up today.
This week we will also provide directions to the start plus a few other things as they come up.

Looking forward to Saturday.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some info...

Again thanks to those that have emailed us ( to let us know if you will not be attending. I have been getting inquiries almost daily about others wanting in. So far they have all been let in. Sweet!

Cue cards are done and MapMyRide has been finalized...awesome. Checking the cards today for accuracy. We will post the MapMyRide info here this weekend or Monday.

We have acquired the Lions Park shelter in Clearwater for the start of this race. Much nicer digs than last year. It's right in town so super easy to get to from Hwy 10 or 94, (directions coming). The shelter is enclosed so if the weather is bad we will have a nice place to start and finish. The park has a playground, grills, etc. It is also a couple blocks away from a grocery store.

As previously mentioned there will NOT be a drop bag option. However, we will have an aid station with water and energy drink, oh cookies too, around mid point (race is about 88 miles). The aid station is also at a gas station. Given the time of year two, maybe three, water bottles should be more than enough to get you 42 miles.

Also, to repeat an FYI from earlier, we will have coffee and sweet breads (or something of the like) in the morning, plus water and energy drink. Energy drink, water, and monster cookies (it is close to Halloween) at the check/aid station. Chili, coffee, water at the end of the race. T-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, and hoodies will also be for sale...all food is included in the race entrance fee!

Thanks for your interest and as always ask if you have questions.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yo...Check It!

I love how this turned out! Nice job Hidden Bay!
T-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, and hoodies will be for sale to help offset any costs of the event. Long sleeve and hoodies will be very limited...very.

Brian and I drove the course today, took notes, and marked the's all set at about 87.8 miles long. A bit longer than last year and shorter than the other AGRS events. We figure it's late in the season and most would appreciate a shorter course...88 miles ain't that short!

Thanks again to those that have been letting us know if you won't be making it. This has let several others get in.

More info to come...but in the meantime ask away if you have questions.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Well I Guess It's Time To Get Started...

Yet again I've managed to drop the ball on sending out a mass email. If history has any reflection of the future I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for one.

Know this, that if you find your name on the roster, you're in. If you don't find you're name on the roster but you have either contacted me or sent a card in let me know and I will correct it.

Contact me here:

Thanks to all those that have notified me if you are unable attend. This helps in many ways but most importantly allows others to ride that can.

The course will be similar to last year. About 90 miles. We have added some roads, removed some roads, and are running some roads backwards from last year. So follow the cue cards.

We are in the process of securing a park shelter in Clearwater, MN. It will provide us with more parking, a shelter, electricity, etc. Once a done deal we will provide directions. It is also easier to get to. Pretty close to the interstate.

The Dirt Bag is run similar to other gravel expect much of the same. Same cue card size, etc.

There is not a drop bag option but we will have water and world famous Ma Imholte Monster Cookies out on course. The route also passes a gas station/truck stop.

We will have coffee, sweets, water, etc for you morning enjoyment at the start. Start is the same as last year 9:00 am. Registration opens at 8:00 am.

At the finish we will have Cyclo Cross famous chili by Ma Doom and myself. It will be the end of October so some hot chili may be nice. We will have water, etc too. Anything else is up to you. If beer isn't allowed at the shelter I will let you know. Also a Cobourn's grocery store is just a few blocks away.

Once again the event is free but we will have t-shirts with the above logo for sale. This is to help offset the costs of the events. If, by chance, we make a profit we will put that money back into the Dirt Bag for next year or donate it to the AGRS.

Because of numerous requests we will be offering a limited number of long sleeve t-shirts and hooded sweat shirts too. T-shirts: $15, l/s t-shirts: $20 (maybe 25), and sweatshirts: $35 or so...still working out the details. Clothing work provided by Hidden Bay Sports, local company out of Hayward Wisconsin. Local rep is racing so let me know if you want to talk with her.

Speaking of AGRS, the race for the cup has heated up! Winner, men and women, get a custom frame! So cool. Should make for some fun racing.

We have managed to gather up some prizes from our gracious sponsors. They will be given out in typical gravel fashion...finish, go the the prize table, and grab a prize. Easy.

We will post a Map My Ride version of the route on this site about a week out from the event.

That's it for now.

This should be a great time.

Let me have your questions and concerns.