Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Last Minute 411

Post below this one has the MapMyRide link and directions to the race start.
Not much more to discuss just some final info before Saturday:

  • Race start is 9:00 am on Saturday the 29th. Registration opens at 8:00 am.

  • Race is about 86 miles long, 2500 feet of climbing, some pavement, more gravel.

  • No drop bags but the 42 (or so) mile checkpoint will have water, energy drink, and cookies. It is also next to a gas station. This will be your only opportunity for water, etc.

  • Coffee and such available in the morning. Chili and such available after the race.

  • The race start is at the Lions Shelter in Clearwater. It is an enclosed shelter, has a play ground, located a block from a grocery store, and bathrooms are on site.

  • We do have door prizes available from our great sponsors (located on right side bar). Prizes will be given away in typical gravel fashion....laid on a table for the taking.

  • We do have t-shirts ($15), long sleeve t-shirts ($20), and hooded sweatshirts ($35) for sale. We have more t-shirt than anything.

That should do it. Thanks again for all the interest in this race. Pretty damn excited for Saturday. As always let us know if you have questions:


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