Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some info...

Again thanks to those that have emailed us ( to let us know if you will not be attending. I have been getting inquiries almost daily about others wanting in. So far they have all been let in. Sweet!

Cue cards are done and MapMyRide has been finalized...awesome. Checking the cards today for accuracy. We will post the MapMyRide info here this weekend or Monday.

We have acquired the Lions Park shelter in Clearwater for the start of this race. Much nicer digs than last year. It's right in town so super easy to get to from Hwy 10 or 94, (directions coming). The shelter is enclosed so if the weather is bad we will have a nice place to start and finish. The park has a playground, grills, etc. It is also a couple blocks away from a grocery store.

As previously mentioned there will NOT be a drop bag option. However, we will have an aid station with water and energy drink, oh cookies too, around mid point (race is about 88 miles). The aid station is also at a gas station. Given the time of year two, maybe three, water bottles should be more than enough to get you 42 miles.

Also, to repeat an FYI from earlier, we will have coffee and sweet breads (or something of the like) in the morning, plus water and energy drink. Energy drink, water, and monster cookies (it is close to Halloween) at the check/aid station. Chili, coffee, water at the end of the race. T-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, and hoodies will also be for sale...all food is included in the race entrance fee!

Thanks for your interest and as always ask if you have questions.


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