Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Way Late Pic's

I will try to get more pictures up in the next few days........aahhh........weeks... months.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Race Results...finally, sorry.

I took a few pictures, not too many. I know there are some more out there. If I get my hands on them I will post them. Muffin Hill.

1st male, Jim, and his edible trophy.

1st female, Kyia.

OK it took way longer than it should have for me to get these results up, sorry. Nonetheless, here they are. Thanks again for all making the Dirt Bag a great day. Looking forward to next year!

1.) Jim Bell: 4:20
2.) Jason Stukel: 4:22
3.) Dave Pramann: 4:25
4.) Sam St. Pierre: 4:25
5.) Drew Wilson: 4:31
6.) Kris Anderson: 4:47
7.) Mark Mondlock: 4:47
8.) Tim Bekke: 4:47
9.) Martin Rudnick: 5:03
10.) John Kern: 5:13
11.) Kyia Anderson: 5:14
12.) Ted Schmid: 5:16
13.) Jeff Bauerly: 5:16
14.) Geoff Schley: 5:24
15.) Jared Gazda: 5:36
16.) Pete Bell: 5:51
17.) Josh Kruck: 5:57
18.) Morgan Luzier: 5:57
19.) Patrick Stoffel: 5:57
20.) Chance Glasford: 6:03
21.) Neil Cary: 6:03
22.) Kristi Olson: 6:03
23.) Shawn Michienzi: 6:20
24.) Jim White: 7:03
25.) Ryan Horkey: 7:03
26.) Mike Schroden: 7:03
27.) Angela Schroden: 7:03
28.) Shiela Amo: 7:03
29.) Bryon Amo: 7:03
30.) Rudy O'Brien: 7:16
31.) Leslie Semier: 7:16
32.) Matt Stone: 7:27 (fixed!)

*rest of the participants were DNF.
Thanks again. We will be back next year for more Dirt Bag, hope you will too! Stay tuned for dates, etc.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Results will be up soon. Hopefully along with some pictures.
Thanks again to all you came out and made the 1st annual Dirt Bag a success!


Friday, October 29, 2010


Race/Ride start is 9 am at Sportman's Ballpark in Clearwater, MN.

From I-94 take exit 178 for MN-24 - Annandale/Clearwater.
Go north 0.3 miles into town on MN-24 take the 3rd left onto Co Rd 75 NW. Go 1.1 miles Turn left at Co Rd 143/27th Ave E park will be on left.

From US-10 take MN-24 /Center St south towards Clearwater
Go 3.5 miles on take a right onto Co Rd 75 NW
Go 1.1 miles Turn left at Co Rd 143/27th Ave E park will be on left.

Any questions/concerns let me know:


Thursday, October 28, 2010


Find a map of the course HERE. There is a optional gas station stop at mile 31 and a mandatory stop with water, energy drink, and Monster Cookies at mile 50.
Because of the recent cold weather we are 90% sure that the on site restrooms will be closed. The start is within a mile from town that has many lovely pubic restrooms for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Countdown in On!

So far the weather for Saturday is looking to be the nicest of the week! Hopefully it sticks.
We will have more details on the blog this week as well, such as:
  • Race location and how to get there, somewhat important.
  • An actual map of the course. We decided this may be nice for some since we have heard from several being concerned about the distances.
  • Cue card info. But will be just like the "other" gravel rides. How you carry them is up to you.
  • We will have coffee, water, and bread at the start. We will have water, energy drink, and Monster Cookies at the checkpoint. You will go buy a gas station too.

Plus more I would imagine.

Any questions let us know. I'm excited for Saturday, should be a blast.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Registration Is Closed.

We are full!
I wish we could allow more but parking is the issue, and it's our first year so trying to keep it manageable.
Next year we will let more in.
Thanks for all the interest.

Brian and Ben


Well I'm pretty sure the course is all dialed in. Yesterday Brian and I drove the course, made que card notes, and finalized mileage. Yeah, Map My Ride was a bit off. Total mileage will be 82. So think of it as a metric century plus 20 miles for good measure, you know, to make sure you really got enough miles in.
I'm not sure on the exact gravel to pavement ratio but 70/30 is probably pretty close. There are a couple sections of pavement that were unavoidable in order to get to rest stops or water stops. Overall I am really happy with the course. It has a bit of everything. Well, we don't have a stream crossing...maybe next year.

The t-shirts showed up yesterday! The race director version.
Still a few spots open. The roster will be redone and finalized next week. I'm getting pretty damn excited.
bpdoom at hotmail dot com

Monday, October 11, 2010

Save Your Pennies.

Shirt design is done and being made! We will have a limited supply of these awesome shirts for sale...$15. The design is shown on a hooded sweatshirt but the final design is on a t-shirt.
The course appears to be 76 miles. Pretty close to our projections! I spotted a grader out on some of the most "wash boarded" roads so that should smooth them out some.
About 10 spots left!
Thanks for all the support.

Brian and Ben.

bpdoom at hotmail dot com

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Location Change.

OK so the reason for the rider limit is we had to relocate the start. Warner Lake is hosting the Dog Sledding dry land racing that weekend. It's actually a pretty big event and will be one packed place. Too bad, Warner would have been a nice spot.

Not too worry we found another great spot less than a mile, ok maybe a mile, away. There isn't as much parking but there are more amenities to be had. Frisbee golf (still don't get the allure), playground, bathrooms if they remained unlocked, and grills. Heck, if you want to camp there is a Good Sam, previously Clearwater KOA, across the street. They have a sign stating May-October for operating hours so maybe check to make sure they will be open till the end of October. So the spot is the Clearwater Sportsman's Park. We will have directions and a map up soon.

Brian and I rode the first half or so of the course yesterday. We will reach a short stretch of gravel in about a mile and then be on pavement for about 5 miles. Treat it as a good warm up! The gravel is suffering from a severe case of the "washboard" syndrome! There are good lines through but if you get caught it's hard to get out. Everything is falling into place just fine. I am getting excited as it should be a blast.

We are up to 30 riders! That was my original hope but bet we fill up!
If you want in email me: bpdoom at hotmail dot com
If you have questions email them to me too or leave in the comments.
Ben and Brian.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Roster as of 10/10/10:

1.) Chance Glasford
2.) Ron Crandell
3.) Marilyn Crandell
4.) Kyia Anderson (aka Dyra)
5.) Kris Anderson (aka Mr. Anderson, Evel, Mr. Green...)
6.) Brian Imholte (Dr. Imholte)
7.) Ben Doom (Benny)
8.) Jeff Bauerly (Jeffro)
9.) James E. White (crash)
10.) Mark Mondlock
11.) Bryon Amo
12.) Sheila Amo
13.) John Kern
14.) Charlie Farrow
15.) Rich Hendricks
16.) Jim Bell (Jimmy)
17.) Lance Beuning
18.) David Bucholz
19.) Morgan Pease (The Fast Crusader)
20.) Sam St. Pierre
21.) Dave Zeimer
22.) Jeff Weyrens
23.) Taggart Downare (Tag)
24.) Sam Francois
25.) Drew Wilson
26.) Jared Gazda
27.) Gregorio Ramirez
28.) Chris Skogen (Mr. Almanzo)
29.) Josh Kruck
30.) Martin Rudnick
31.) John Hatcher
32.) Paul Chenoweth
33.) Dave Pramann
34.) Tim Bekke
35.) Kristi Olson
36.) Leslie Semler
37.) Rudy O'Brien
38.) Ryan Horkey
39.) Katie (Mrs. Horkey)
40.) Jason Stukel
41.) Tim Roe
42.) Death Rider
43.) Mike Schroden
44.) Angela Williams Schroden
45.) Pete Bell
46.) Patrick Stoffel
47.) Gunner Rush/Amanda Rush(Tandem)
48.) Geoff Schley
49.) Dave Cizmas (Dirty Dave)
50.) Brendan Moore
51.) Matthew Abel
52.) Kari Gates
53.) Neil O. Cary
54.) Morgan Luzier
55.) Ross Hargrove

It's starting to fill! Send me an e-mail if you want in. With recent events, to be detailed later when I know the answer, I have decided to call for a rider cap. So the first annual Dirt Bag ride will be capped at 50 riders.
I'm stoked!

e-mail: bpdoom at hotmail dot com

Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Details.

Alright it's time to focus on this event. The MTB race and PorkChop Challenge have come and gone. It's now time to get dirty!

  • The Dirt Bag Ride will be on October 30th.
  • The start time will be 9:00 am at Warner Lake Park. The ride will also end at Warner Lake.
  • The distance will be as close as possible to 75 miles. Margin of error to be expected, about +/- 3%.
  • Plan on 70% gravel and 30% pavement. Any type of bike is allowed, but something with a bit wider tire would be recommended.
  • This is an unsupported event so you are on your own. No sag wagon, no one to call, just riding with hopefully they will help you if you need it!
  • At the start you will be given que cards to direct you on your way. About 40 miles in we will have a rest stop where you will need to check in and receive the second set of que cards.
  • To navigate, using the que cards, you will need to have a computer that tracks mileage. GPS units are fine too.
  • Lights are not required but not a bad idea. Day light is becoming scarce.
  • Will happen no matter the weather, no matter.
  • Unfortunately there will be a waiver for you to sign.
  • You must be on the roster to ride. To get on the roster send me an email: bpdoom at hotmail dot com.
  • It's free! We will have a limited amount of t-shirts for sale.
  • It's more of a ride than a race but we will recognize the first to finish. Don't expect schwag, it's free.
  • Wear a helmet.
  • We will have the route run near a few spots to stop and get water, food, etc. Bring money. We will note these locations on the que cards.
  • Counties will be Stearns and Wright.
  • If you have any questions post them in the comments. We will get back to you.

That is it for now. This should be fun!


Ben and Brian.

Friday, September 17, 2010

WTF...It's Raining...Again.

I hoped to hit some gravel this morning but it's raining, ugh. It's still early, once day light comes we will see. I'm riding no matter what, just not sure where yet.

A bit about the course.
While the total mileage has not been calculated yet we have ridden all the roads and sections connecting the gravel roads. We just need to put the pieces together and drive the course with a GPS and get all the nitty gritty details people always seem to need and want.
The gravel is similar to most of the gravel around central MN. Currently they have the "wash board" affect going on. Whether they get grated between now and the event is any ones guess. I have ridden these roads with a semi slick 700x37 tire on the Cross Check single speed. On some up hills I slip out while standing to climb, but otherwise they are fine. It gets a bit rough in the wash board sections but there usually is a line through them. The route will consist of both gravel and paved roads, most likely 70/30. More on this later.
I was asked if a computer would be needed. Yes. You will need to have a computer with mileage to help you follow the que cards.

Have a good weekend...go eat some gravel.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Roster on 9/13/10

1.) Chance Glasford
2.) Ron Crandell
3.) Marilyn Crandell
4.) Kyia Anderson (aka Dyra)
5.) Kris Anderson (aka Mr. Anderson, Evel, Mr. Green...)
6.) Brian Imholte
7.) Ben Doom
8.) Jeff Bauerly
9.) James E. White
10.) Mark Mondlock
11.) Bryon Amo
12.) Sheila Amo
13.) John Kern

Keep em coming if you want in.
bpdoom at hotmail dot com