Friday, September 17, 2010

WTF...It's Raining...Again.

I hoped to hit some gravel this morning but it's raining, ugh. It's still early, once day light comes we will see. I'm riding no matter what, just not sure where yet.

A bit about the course.
While the total mileage has not been calculated yet we have ridden all the roads and sections connecting the gravel roads. We just need to put the pieces together and drive the course with a GPS and get all the nitty gritty details people always seem to need and want.
The gravel is similar to most of the gravel around central MN. Currently they have the "wash board" affect going on. Whether they get grated between now and the event is any ones guess. I have ridden these roads with a semi slick 700x37 tire on the Cross Check single speed. On some up hills I slip out while standing to climb, but otherwise they are fine. It gets a bit rough in the wash board sections but there usually is a line through them. The route will consist of both gravel and paved roads, most likely 70/30. More on this later.
I was asked if a computer would be needed. Yes. You will need to have a computer with mileage to help you follow the que cards.

Have a good weekend...go eat some gravel.

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