Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dirt Bag
Gravel Grinder Music Fest

Sunday, July 27th

Put this date on your calendar and send me an email (JavaJohn) for entry with the usual info:

    Category - Geared/Single Speed/Tandem/Fat
    Distance - Long/Longer

This is going to be a laid back, music in the grass, drinks in the cooler at the end of our gravel ride event. Route and distance is being plotted but plan on 60 miles with a turn off for a shorter ride. Short by grinder standards but this is a good opportunity to bring out the kids/friends/people interested in checking out the fun without having to commit to a long grind.

Start and finish in French Lake at Lantto's. They have made parking available to us in the field on the south side of the store. They are well stocked and the rollerdogs are a staple.

Weber's Deck is right across the street and will have music starting at 1 PM. It's an outdoor venue, literally a deck on the back of his house, and it's lawn chair seating. Some info on what Casey Weber is doing for the Americana music scene can be found here ReverbNation  and here Weber's Deck FB.

Planning on a 9 AM rollout which should give us enough time to wrap up this activity and get  you set up for the next.

I'll be updating via this blog and FaceBook.

Gravel on,

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Here is the MapQuest link to the park off of CR 75... Dirt Bag Start  It's the first left after the Clearwater river about 1/2 mile NW of town.

There is parking and bathroom facilities there. Grocery store and Nelson Bros. is just off I-94 to the north.

Text or call 320-224-7938 if you have questions.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Training Ride on the Dirt Bag course

We're 5 months away from the 5th running of the Dirt Bag. Greg and I took off on a beautiful, sunny and warm day to run the course from last year. It is a wholly different experience when it's not cold, windy and blowing sleet.

We stopped at mile 65'ish at Corky's in Fairhaven  for a PBR, it seemed like a good idea. Then I had another idea... We make Corky's the finish line and use a shuttle bus to haul everybody back to the start.
Probably the PBR talking.

Another idea... There will be a training ride on the Dirt Bag course this Saturday, May 10th.
Meet at the same park and we'll plan on rolling out around 9-9:30am. The weather forecast looks like partly sunny and 67. We should roll back in around 5 hours later.

It's short notice but perhaps a good warm-up for the following weekend happenings in Spring Valley.

Gravel on friends,