Monday, May 5, 2014

Training Ride on the Dirt Bag course

We're 5 months away from the 5th running of the Dirt Bag. Greg and I took off on a beautiful, sunny and warm day to run the course from last year. It is a wholly different experience when it's not cold, windy and blowing sleet.

We stopped at mile 65'ish at Corky's in Fairhaven  for a PBR, it seemed like a good idea. Then I had another idea... We make Corky's the finish line and use a shuttle bus to haul everybody back to the start.
Probably the PBR talking.

Another idea... There will be a training ride on the Dirt Bag course this Saturday, May 10th.
Meet at the same park and we'll plan on rolling out around 9-9:30am. The weather forecast looks like partly sunny and 67. We should roll back in around 5 hours later.

It's short notice but perhaps a good warm-up for the following weekend happenings in Spring Valley.

Gravel on friends,

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