Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dirt Bag Jersey Store Closing Sunday

Just a reminder to friends and fans of DirtBag that the Podium Wear storefront will be closing at Midnight on Sunday 9/20.

We have a long sleeve jersey that is merino wool on the inside and polyester on the outside. I've seen a sample of this material and it is a lightweight and stretchy fabric which will move well and provide good warmth for an active ride. Full zipper for temp regulation. The short sleeve is the standard silver line and also moves well.

Here's the link: DirtBag Jerseys and Caps   and the password is "gravel"

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dirt Bag Jerseys and Cap

Dirt Bag has got some new threads!
We brought back the old DB logo and are currently taking orders for a long sleeve Woolie and short sleeve jersey from Podium wear. The wool jersey is merino inside and a blend on the outside. This is great quality wear made here in MN.
Visit the storefront and place your order before 9/16 so we can have these items available for the DirtBag on 10/18.

The password is "gravel"

 Cap $30
 SS Jersey $70
LS Wool Jersey $120