Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dirt Bag 2014

Hello friends of Dirt Bag,

I've volunteered to run this years event so Mr. Doom can go on sabbatical. But don't worry, he's promised to make himself available for consulting and will not be far away.

Thinking that there will be plenty of time to get this years edition into the planning stages, I just got looking at the calendar on GravelGrinder and surprised to find that October weekends have quickly filled up. Not wanting to make anyone choose between events I consulted the Farmers Almanac for MN (slightly warmer and drier than average) and decided to go for the 25th of Oct. So far this puts us as the last gravel ride of the season.

Not planning on re-inventing the wheel on this one. Look forward to the same course as road conditions/changes allow but hope to find the funds to open up the shelter and have a hot meal and beverages when you finish.

As always, the emphasis will be on fun so perhaps you could wear a costume but if not, please wear something just in case the Farmers is wrong.

What's the internet equivalent of "stay tuned"?

Keep cranking,