Thursday, October 7, 2010

Location Change.

OK so the reason for the rider limit is we had to relocate the start. Warner Lake is hosting the Dog Sledding dry land racing that weekend. It's actually a pretty big event and will be one packed place. Too bad, Warner would have been a nice spot.

Not too worry we found another great spot less than a mile, ok maybe a mile, away. There isn't as much parking but there are more amenities to be had. Frisbee golf (still don't get the allure), playground, bathrooms if they remained unlocked, and grills. Heck, if you want to camp there is a Good Sam, previously Clearwater KOA, across the street. They have a sign stating May-October for operating hours so maybe check to make sure they will be open till the end of October. So the spot is the Clearwater Sportsman's Park. We will have directions and a map up soon.

Brian and I rode the first half or so of the course yesterday. We will reach a short stretch of gravel in about a mile and then be on pavement for about 5 miles. Treat it as a good warm up! The gravel is suffering from a severe case of the "washboard" syndrome! There are good lines through but if you get caught it's hard to get out. Everything is falling into place just fine. I am getting excited as it should be a blast.

We are up to 30 riders! That was my original hope but bet we fill up!
If you want in email me: bpdoom at hotmail dot com
If you have questions email them to me too or leave in the comments.
Ben and Brian.

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