Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well I'm pretty sure the course is all dialed in. Yesterday Brian and I drove the course, made que card notes, and finalized mileage. Yeah, Map My Ride was a bit off. Total mileage will be 82. So think of it as a metric century plus 20 miles for good measure, you know, to make sure you really got enough miles in.
I'm not sure on the exact gravel to pavement ratio but 70/30 is probably pretty close. There are a couple sections of pavement that were unavoidable in order to get to rest stops or water stops. Overall I am really happy with the course. It has a bit of everything. Well, we don't have a stream crossing...maybe next year.

The t-shirts showed up yesterday! The race director version.
Still a few spots open. The roster will be redone and finalized next week. I'm getting pretty damn excited.
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this update with us. I would like you to write something more about it. Stay blessed and keep sharing more stuff.