Thursday, October 17, 2013

Two More Days!

The running of the Dirt Bag IV is just around the corner.  My excitement is mounting!
Reminder that early packet pick up is today, Thursday, at Revolution Cycle and Ski from noon-8.  Packet pick up race day will start at 8 with the race starting around 9ish.  Nothing is set in stone!

The location of the start is in a previous post.  Please note that there is not a shelter so whatever mother nature throws at us we will be exposed to.  There are a set of restrooms but with the cooler temps they may have them shut down so plan accordingly.

Again, we will have coffee and sweets in the morning and again at the end, if left overs are available.  The checkpoint is no longer mandatory, but will be there around mile 34 or so.  It's early but one of the few spots available.  Water and cookies will be there.

We will also have previous year shirts, etc on sale.

Thanks and see you Saturday.

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