Monday, June 1, 2015

It's June Already!

Like cresting a snow covered hill and quickly picking up speed with greenery and gravel rides going by, spring comes so fast this time of year.
Ragnarok, Miesville, Trans IA, Almanzo and a few others are behind us with more on the gravel schedule coming fast. Dirty Kanza  finished up this weekend and the results are impressive considering the reported conditions.
Also changing fast, the numbers of riders and events are encouraging for the future growth of this aspect of bicycling. In the back of some minds though is the concern that we will go "mainstream" and lose our soul. Hmmmm... how to keep it real?

The Dirt Bag will have a summer and fall edition again this year. There will be 3 courses from which to choose of approx. 30, 60 and 90 miles in length. The goal here is to bring out those who want to give gravel riding/racing a go but may be intimidated by a potentially 8 hour slog in gods-know-where heaven.

July 18th will be held in French Lake, MN and Oct 18th will be in Clearwater, MN. More info to follow as I will be heading out to pre-ride the course and QC the cue sheets.

Until then, gravel on and remember to drink lots.


  1. Is registration still the same as what's stated on the "2012 Registration" link above? Is it still open?


  2. Any additional details for the July race? How can folks register?

  3. Registration will commence on Monday, June 22. Details will be posted this weekend.
    There will also be same day registration.

  4. Thanks for the update, John.