Thursday, October 18, 2012

Recon Day.

Some serious Dirt Bag work is getting done today.  Shortly Brian and I will head out and finalize the course and get the cue cards all dialed in.  100 mile road trip!  Coffee is on.
I may or may not bike the course next week sometime, and depending on my decision I may or may not have a Garmin file of the route.  Torn if this is fair to have some with GPS units have the route laid out for them.  I feel part of the race is navigating with the cue cards.  So as it stands there will not be a GPS file...unless I'm convinced otherwise.  Maybe I should sell them!!

Thanks to those that have given us a heads up if you're not able to make it.  Very helpful.

Like last year we will have chili and snacks on hand.
To help offset the costs we will also be selling Dirt Bag T-shirts (short and long sleeve) and hoodies.  Our costs are a bit more this year due to insurance.  We both agreed it was in our best interest to have the event just never know.

We will post times, location, and other goodies yet this week.

Thanks and see you soon.

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  1. Hope your day goes well, and thanks for your work on this. Here's a suggestion. Take a cue from Almanzo and post your cue cards a few days prior.