Sunday, October 21, 2012

Some 411...

O.K. here's some more info for you and the upcoming Dirt Bag III Race.

  • Date is October 27th, Saturday.  Hope you already knew this.
  • Race start is 9 am, registration and shelter open at 8am.  Promise to be on time this year!
  • Directions to shelter will be up later.
  • Mileage is about 103. 
  • Weather is currently looking cool.  Come prepared.  Lights and jackets not a bad idea.
  • We will have water and some food around mile 62.  We don't have you going through any towns but you do skirt the outside of some.
  • Cue cards have been condensed to attention.
  • Cue cards will be available at registration along with a waiver.
  • If you drop let us know.  Phone numbers will be provided or check in at the shelter.
  • Free event so respect all volunteers and be an ass to Brian and I!
  • Have fun.
  • Chili will be provided afterwards.  Ran out last year so ride fast!  We are making more.
  • Coffee and goodies in the morning.
  • Brian's Mom's world famous Monster Cookies.
  • T-shirts (both short and long sleeve) and hoodies will be for sale.  Money helps offset the costs.  We don't come close to making money.  This just helps to ease the pain.  Labor of love!
  • As with all AGRS events: you are on your own.  Plan accordingly.  No sag wagons, etc.  This is 103 miles of gravel, not a Sunday cruise.
  • Most of all: HAVE FUN.

More info soon.
Ask if you have questions.
I'm excited.  Wish I was riding!

See you Saturday.


  1. Hi Ben and Brian, Could you remind us exactly where the start is? Thanks, Mark S.

  2. John Mack cannot ride - please offer up the spot to another rider. Thx!

  3. Brian will be putting up directions to the start in Clearwater. But basically it's under the water tower.

  4. steve Vanvleet will be unable to ride

  5. The Foley's are out this year too. This date will have to wait due to our 10 year olds hockey tryouts. Gotta be there for him! Have an awesome ride....sad to miss out but parenting calls.

    James and Tiffany Foley