Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dirt Bag GravelFest Course Update

My grandson and I did a little recon of the course this morning and we can report that the previous course as posted on MapMyRide had a couple of errors on the long course which will be corrected by COB Friday. Look for the GPX file then.

Gravel conditions: mostly hardpack with loose stones on top. There are some soft sections and washboard as well. Only a couple ruts from the washouts of Sundays rain. So far not too much dust was kicked up by the vehicle but if there is no precip between now and Saturday, expect some dust.

Views great, corn shoulder high, traffic minimal, no dogs came out to challenge.

Lanttos store knows we are coming. Roller dogs available.

Parking will be in the Town Hall lot the entrance being off of CR 3 south of the main intersection on the west side of road. Hopefully, I'll remember to post a sign.

Bring water. First Thirst station for the long riders will be when you roll through the Start/Finish 30 miles in.

French Lake Mapquest



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