Tuesday, July 28, 2015

GravelFest Results

Below is the results for the 2015 Dirt Bag GravelFest out of French Lake. Please let me know if there are any corrections.
A hardy well done to all those who showed and attempted and especially those who finished. The road conditions literally changed overnight with the rains as the hardpacked gravel became soft and the going got tough.
That's the beauty and dynamics of gravel racing as the road can change just like the scenery.
I hope you all had fun and were challenged.
Dirt Bag GravelFest Results

84 Mile
Rider                                         Time

Kyia Anderson                             5:50          1st Women
John Carline                                6:09          1st Men
Michael Latsch                            6:09          1st Men
Sue Schroeder                            6:13          2nd Women
Derek Radtke                             6:24          2nd Men
Charles Wolf                               DNF
Emily Flynn                                 DNF
Brian Boehmer                            DNF  
Steve VanVleet                           DNF
Matt VanVleet                             DNF
Cory Hedin                                 DNF
Sean (can’t read last)                  DNF

60 Mile
Rider                                         Time

Bob Mueller                                4:47          1st Men
Jay Dellis                                    4:52         
Jake Fons                                   5:19
Greg Knoll                                  5:44
Shaun Flynn                               DNF
Bruce Weinke                             DNF  

30 Mile
Rider                                         Time

Jon Kern                                    1:40          1st Men
Kurt Stunek                               2:04
Dan Cruser                                2:24
Ed Shaw (?)                               2:24
Michael Houghton                       2:48
Brian Hart                                  2:48.30     
Zach Gilbert                               3:01
David Peterson                           3:03
Rebecca Peterson                        3:03          1st Women
Roger Landis                              3:17
Marilyn Crandell                         4:04

Bruce Berwald                            DNF

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