Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dirt Bag Sunday

The plan and the weather is coming together nicely for Sundays Dirt Bag.

Check in opens at 8 AM. Early arrives can park at Sportsman Hill which is the Start/Finish area.
Additional parking can be had at Riverside Park or, if needed, back at the Coborns store off of CR 24.

Rollout will be at 9 AM.

Cue sheets will be provided and the course gpx file can be downloaded from MapMyRide here:
Dirt Bag 85 Mile     Dirt Bag 62 Mile    Dirt Bag 35 Mile
or Strava here: Strava DB 85 Mile    Strava DB 63 Mile    Strava DB 35 Mile

Instructions will be given prior to start but most of you have heard it all before.

The course should be still relatively hard packed and fast. No leg busting climbs except that one to Corkys Bar.
There's a gas station around 17 miles, a rest stop around 33 miles, Lanttos at 52 miles (roller dogs, pizza, etc...) and Corky's at 62 miles (Fulton on tap I think).

You will be fed at the finish. No one goes home hungry.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

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  1. Sorry. I just found out that the Google map was not on. It is open to public now.