Thursday, October 1, 2015

Heck With It!

Heading up to the Heck of the North this weekend. Just hoping to finish and enjoy myself while doing it.

The registration is still open for the Dirt Bag and the cards are coming in. The cards are fun but there will be day of registration as well. I don't want to turn anyone away who can't work the snail mail technology.

The 63 Mile course was ridden last Sunday and it is fast. Most of it is hardpacked with a sheen on top. Some sections do have a few loose stones and there is little wash-boarding and potholes. But remember... Gravel roads are dynamic and can change overnight as witnessed by the GravelFest participants. So past reports do not necessarily predict future conditions.

We have procured some Holy Spirit Bouja again and my wife will be making some additional bowls of hot goodness for the post ride nutrition.

Off to get my Fargo ready...


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